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About Merlin

Merlin Sport Performance (MSP) was created from a passion for innovative high quality road going, off-road and marine specialist products and accessories, used and developed by enthusiasts (ourselves). We don’t accept things because “that’s just the way they are” we’re always looking to improve, naturally taking the lead where others can only follow.

Shipping worldwide MSP is fast becoming more than a brand recognised for delivering quality products. We don’t see those purchasing our products as customers or even clients, more Members of MSP. We therefore strive to give all members an excellent service. “Not just products in your life, but a better way of life!”
We pride ourselves with “Products tried and tested in the most extreme environments on the planet” and are constantly testing, researching and developing to ensure our members have the leading edge.
As with all high quality performance products there’s that little extra that’s needed to make something special and here at MSP we go the extra mile in order to achieve this. You only have to take a moment to study the development in the MSP logo to see the magic come to life!