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Review MSP10 CREE LED Spotlight

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MSP10 CREE LED Spotlight

This little gem isn’t to be confused with other inferior LED spotlights on the market. Superbly engineered aluminium case, with high quality black coated finish.

Virtually unbreakable PMMA lense. Spectator protection in Ice Hockey rinks is make from PMMA!

The chip is the most expensive component in any LED light and the high performing CREE chip makes the MSP10 perform significantly better than “similar looking” alternatives.

They are brighter, yet require a fraction of the electricity used by conventional bulbs.

Available in Flood and Spot beam, the MSP10 has a fully waterproof housing ensuring an IP68 “Ingress Protection” rating.

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MSP10 CREE LED Spotlight

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MSP10 CREE LED Spotlight

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MSP10 CREE LED Spotlight